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Newsline 11 November 2016

While the Government presses on with ill-conceived changes to faith school admissions, reforms which would increase religious discrimination in the English education system, we've been holding them to account.

Our campaigns team met with the Department for Education this week and made clear our opposition to the proposals, which will only exacerbate segregation and do nothing to promote integration. Meanwhile, Conservative MP Sarah Wollaston challenged the plans in the House of Commons, asking why atheists should face discrimination getting their children into their local, taxpayer funded schools. You can read about her comments below. If you don't support Government plans to fund a new wave of fully religiously selective schools please respond to the Government consultation.

Education is the area where religious privilege most disadvantages and effects people, and this week we have news stories on plans for new Hindu faith schools (despite many recent warnings of worsening ethnic segregation), and a primary school, funded by the taxpayer, that is insisting parents must attend church to have a hope of securing a local school place.

If you're not already a member, join our campaign for a secular UK today, where religion doesn't wield so much influence over our education system, to the detriment of so many.

Sharia reviews and the case for non-accommodation and non-regulation

Sharia reviews and the case for non-accommodation and non-regulation

Opinion | Fri, 11 Nov 2016

Our legal system cannot be permitted to fracture into parallel codes for different religious groups. Sadikur Rahman writes on how to avoid accommodation with sharia while also protecting the rights and interests of Muslim women.

“Complete segregation” of genders within Islamic school is not discriminatory, says High Court

“Complete segregation” of genders within Islamic school is not discriminatory, says High Court

News | Wed, 09 Nov 2016

Ofsted is set to appeal a High Court ruling that gender segregation by an Islamic state school is not discriminatory.

Interview with Tehmina Kazi

Interview with Tehmina Kazi

Tehmina Kazi is an activist, writer and author based in Ireland. Tehmina was, until mid 2016, the Director of British Muslims for Secular Democracy. British Muslims for Secular Democracy aims to raise awareness within British Muslims and the wider public of secular democracy, helping to contribute to a shared vision of citizenship.

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