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National Secular Society

Challenging Religious Privilege

Join the National Secular Society

"I joined NSS because I sense that those who promote religious observance are becoming more strident, and I believe we need a stronger voice in opposition" (James, Surrey)

Becoming a member of the National Secular Society is a declaration of your support for the separation of the state from religious institutions. Make a stand for freedom, fairness and human rights by adding your voice to the call for a secular society.

In order to take on the powerful religious lobby, in the media and Parliament, we need to show we have the backing of as many people as possible. As a member of the National Secular Society, you'll be at the heart of the campaign for an education system free from indoctrination, a political system free from undemocratic religious interference, and a society in which human rights never lose out to religious demands.

The NSS receives no funding from government or outside bodies - our campaigning is wholly supported by our members, people like you who share our belief in the urgent need to separate religion from education, politics and public life in general.

As a member of the National Secular Society, you will have the right to vote at our AGM, and will receive our quarterly Bulletin magazine and Annual Report by post.

Join the NSS and help make the UK a place in which people of all religions or none can live together fairly and peacefully.

"I have a profound interest in democracy, freedom of expression, inclusivity and equality - all of which are undermined by religious organisations" (Pat, Worcestershire)

You can use this page to join the National Secular Society, start a standing order, make a donation or renew your membership.

New members must agree to our General Principles. Term and conditions can be read here.

Start a Standing Order

A monthly standing order is the most effective way to donate to the NSS – it allows us to predict how much money we will have available, and also cuts down on administration costs, enabling us to increase the scale of our activities.

Please email us to request a standing order form to print off, complete and return.

Annual Subscription

Select the options you require using the form below and press "Add to Basket". Note that you can select a donation AND membership option, or select a number of donation amounts. This form can be used to join or or renew your membership.

Joint Membership

Annual membership for two members living at the same UK address and sharing one mailing.

Joint Membership
Partner Information

By post

You can join by downloading and printing off the application form below and returning it with your cheque or postal order.

Life Membership

Life membership is available only to existing UK members of at least one year's standing. For under 65s it is £600, for over 65s it is £300. Contact us for more details.

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